VuQo Premium Vodka Presents “REUNION: Return to the Factory”

VuQo Premium Vodka is proud to present “REUNION: Return to the Factory” on December 22, 2011 at the Sound Factory!

REUNION is an annual event celebrating the history of Filipino/Asian nightlife, music, and lifestyle. Bringing it back to the roots, we RE-open The Factory, RE-unite performers/friends/family, and RE-live the music. Get your babysitters ready, take a break from Christmas shopping, and book your hotel if needed to celebrate 25+ years of entertainment. We personally invite you to share this OLD SCHOOL experience with us.

***Purchase a bottle of VuQo Premium Vodka at your local retailer, scan reciept, and email to, and receive 2 complimentary tickets to the 1st 100 purchases ($50 value)***


One thought on “VuQo Premium Vodka Presents “REUNION: Return to the Factory”

  1. You can purchase your bottle at the following retail stores:
    Seafood City (any location in bay area)
    Manila Oriental Market, SF
    Pacific Super Market, SSF
    Draeger’s, San Mateo and Menlo Park
    Remember, the 1st 100 people that sends in their scanned VuQo receipts gets 2 comp tickets. Please sent email to Thanks and see you at the reunion!

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