VuQo Vodka with Duty Free Philippines in Singapore

VuQo CEO, Rich Cabael, speaks at DFP’s cocktail reception

VuQo Premium Vodka was honored to be one of three products introduced by Duty Free Philippines at the Conrad Hotel in Singapore during the Tax Free World Association Conference last May. The other products introduced were Guimaras Chocolates and DFP’s 25 Years Aquino to Aquino Coffee Table Book.

VuQo CEO, Rich Cabael, attended the reception and said a few words to introduce VuQo to DFP’s guests. The guests were treated to VuQo’s signature cocktails from VuQo Cali to VuQo Tonic and VuQo Fruit Punch served by the CEO himself.

Martin Moodie, David Spillane, Rich Cabael, and Enchong Formoso

Special thanks go to Enchong Formoso, COO of DFP, Martin Moodie, The Moodie Report, and David Spillane, Travel Retail Sales, for allowing VuQo to participate!

To see more pictures, click here (courtesy of Duty Free Philippines).


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