• Beverage Warehouse (Marina del Ray)
  • Ernie’s Wine and Liqour (Pacifica)
  • Holiday Wine Cellar (Escondido)
  • Mission Wine and Spirits (Glendale, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks)
  • Navy Exchange Package Store (San Diego)
  • Plaza Wine and Spirits (Mira Mesa)
  • Red Carpet Wine and Spirits (Glendale)
  • The Bottle Shop (Santa Barbara)
  • Vendome Wine and Spirits (Studio City)
  • Old Town Wine and Spirits (San Diego)
  • Liquor Paradise (Rancho Cucamonga)


  • Draeger’s (San Mateo, Menlo Park, Los Altos)
  • Manila Oriental Market (San Francisco)
  • Pacific Supermarket (San Francisco, South San Francisco)
  • Seafood City  (Sacramento, Vallejo, Concord, Union, San Jose, Milpitas, North Hills, Panorama, Eagle Rock, West Covina, Carson, Cerritos, Mira Mesa, National, Chula Vista, Rancho Cucamonga)


  • Attic (San Mateo)
  • Hukilau (San Francisco)
  • Mandala Lounge (San Mateo)
  • Mink Bar (Daly City)
  • Nic’s Martini Lounge (Beverly Hills)
  • Pacifica in the Desert (Palm Desert)
  • Pier 23 Cafe (San Francisco)
  • San Antonio Winery (Los Angeles)
  • Silo Vodka Bar (Downtown LA)

10 thoughts on “California

  1. Would like to have Mr. Rich Cabael or his Director of Marketing contact me by e-mail, regarding new Product Placement for new and up-coming TV production.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you

    • Hi Ernie! VuQo is distilled from coconut nectar, just like lambanog is. Although it is much purer and smoother because VuQo uses a more advanced process for distillation and filtration. 🙂 Thanks frr your inquiry!

      • I would like to see more of the VuQo bottles in our local stores. How can I get the product wholesale? It looks like it is a nice gift for all occasions.

  2. Hi There,

    My name is Melissa Naimi and I am with VIIVIIVII (21). My CEO asked me to reach out to you as he came across your brand and is extremely interested in speaking with you. We are a full service marketing firm that represents both brands and celebrities on all their PR, Marketing, Social Media, and product distribution needs. I am not sure what specifically he is interested in speaking to you about but asked me to reach out. When is a good time for you to speak with him today?

  3. Hi. Is there a release date for Playboy Vodka in Asia? Also, any idea when we will see it in the United States? Thank you,


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